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Little Luigi to Trailblazing Toby

When we come in to save a dog from a shelter, more often than not, it’s because the dogs have been there for a really long time or (even worse) they are next to be put down due to overcrowding.

Fetching Hearts Rescue does what we can to save every dog we can like Luigi (Now Toby). This little guy’s beginning isn’t known to us, but his ending can be deemed story-book ending perfect. Toby came into his new family’s life in the wake of their dog’s passing. Today Toby spends his days hiking and running with his new dad. He sleeps and cuddles with his humans and just enjoying being the dog of the house.

To his family, Toby filled a void they never thought could be healed. To Toby his family gave him a life he never thought possible. Together they saved each other.

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