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you save lives


Fosters are the foundation of our organization. Fetching Hearts Rescue does not have a physical shelter. All of our dogs stay with fosters from the time they are pulled from kill shelters until they are placed with the right family in their forever home.

We are always looking for new fosters to help us save as many dogs as we can, but many people don’t know what is involved and therefore don’t volunteer.


If you have ever considered fostering, here are some facts to help you get a better understanding of what it is all about.


"I would rather cry watching them leave our home to live a life of happiness and joy in a loving home, than cry because no one stepped up to help them and they died alone, frightened and sad in a shelter"



  • It saves adoptable dogs from being euthanized at overcrowded shelters.

  • Removing one dog makes room for another to live

  • It brings dogs from the solitary, traumatic kennel life to a loving home environment with caring people

  • It provides fosters the benefits of having a dog without the long term commitment

  • It allows a homeless dog to live with a family before being adopted.

  • Fostering saves lives

In a foster home, a dog can relax and show his/her true self. In turn these insights help ensure a successful adoption.

you are...

Apply now to become a foster

Making a dog into a family pet.

Many of these dogs need help socializing, learning to live in a home and trusting people or other animals. Fosters help facilitate that.

Making a commitment.
Involve the entire foster family for best success. Foster time may last anywhere from days to weeks or longer.

Making a small sacrifice.
Food is the only expense we ask our fosters to cover. This expense may be tax deductible as a charitable donation. Talk to your accountant to see what else may be deductible.

Making a lifelong friend.
Caring for a dog then letting them go to a new home may seem sad. Some worry about the emotional sacrifice. However, you can take comfort in knowing you have given that dog a new, happy life. Many foster families stay in contact with their new families and receive regular updates about their progress.


Please download the foster application and foster agreement below. Complete and return the forms either by mail or via email. Once we receive your application, our volunteer Foster Coordinator will reach out to you. Thank you for your patience.

STEP 1: 

Download Foster Application 

STEP 2: 

Submit Completed Application


P.O. Box 1222
Bristol, CT 06011-1222


Thank you for opening your heart and home!

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