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Fetching Hearts' First Love

Happy Trails Tales: Clara

As many of you may not know – Fetching Hearts Rescue started off as a thought only months before we found our first dog to help. It took hours of not only hard-work but teamwork to be able to get all the documents signed, to get all the applications created, and to get all the government approvals needed.

But as of January 1, 2020, Fetching Hearts Rescue pulled their very first Dog – Clara. Clara came to FHR as an older dog who was partially to almost complete blind. Despite this, she had the sweetest disposition imaginable. It didn’t take long to find Clara the perfect Fur-Ever home.

Clara spent so long in the shelter, being passed over because of her eyes and age. But today Clara spends her days basking in the sun or sleeping soundly in front of a wood stove. Her family has another rescue pup who just loves to get Clara going with doggy play antics.

To protect Clara, because of her eye sight, her family reached out for help in the form of a Trainer works specifically with blind dogs. They helped teach her the house and her limits within their 2 acre invisible fenced yard. When the family is home – Clara has full run of the house, but mainly just loves being with her newly found family.

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