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Michelle Laurendeau



I have always been a lover of all animals since a child. As an adult pet owner I fell in love with Rottweilers and owned two who were my little bears but both passed away too young despite all our efforts.

We rescued a Pittie mix from Waterbury dog pound who lived to be 16 years as a companion to one of the Rotties. Since then my husband and I have rescued three dogs who are the love of our lives. One of my rescues got me started volunteering with a rescue group and I have been hooked for about 9 years or so now. As a foster mom to many dogs, I always say that if I can foster and give them a temporary home, then anyone can. Don’t be afraid that you won’t be able to give them up, when you see the joy they bring to the family that is adopting them, it fills your heart so, you’ll want to do it again and again. Also knowing that you are saving two more lives, by making room in the shelter by taking another foster.

I am now the treasurer of Fetching Hearts Rescue. This does not stop me from going to events and all. You will see me at an adoption event, you will probably find me on the floor playing with the dogs, getting my fill of doggie love, come and say hi, I would love to meet you.

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