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Megan Butler


Web Designer & Social Media Coordinator

I've always loved animals & helping them ever since I was a little girl. I would save anything from a caterpillar, turle or bird to a lost dog. I fed the neighborhood cats and even put cheese out in my bedroom thinking that I could attract a mouse and make friends with it (which didn't work..but sorry mom & dad!)

The first dog I fell in love with was our family dog Toby. We had him for 12 years until he was hit with a horrible cancer that took his life despite my parents best efforts to save him and nurse him back to health. We also had a rescued 3 legged cat who was my best friend through middle school & high school. From then on, I knew the love of a pet was so deep and should be cherished just as you would the love of a family member. Because that's what they are; family.

Now as an adult I have 2 baby doggies, my princess Ellie and our goofy foster fail, Milo. They motivate me every day to do better so that they can live the best life that they deserve. If I ever won the lottery I would open a santuary for homeless & abused animals to live out the rest of their lives surrounded by love. 

I got involved with Fetching Hearts through a family friend and once my own pack grew, I knew that I wanted to do even more to help save the lives of so many animals that are in need. I realized that it doesn't always take winning the lottery to make a difference, sometimes even the little things can make a huge impact.

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