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2/15/20 (Accepting applications Now)


3 years

Good w/






Hound & Labrador Retriever Mix




Not Tested


Yes - Older

Meet Milo!! We want to start off by saying we sorry to only have one picture of Milo right now. We wanted to get him posted up as we want him to be able to find his forever home very soon. Milo was brought into the shelter down south by animal control. A nice woman who had him for three days had to call Animal Control to pick him up, as freezing temps were coming and she did not want anything to happen to him. She stated that he showed up at her house and stayed outside for three night. The good Samaritan said that Milo was very shy when he first showed up at the house. She fed him everyday and gave him a bed to lay on. When she went out to check on the horses and all, he would follow along the side of her ATV and not let her out of his site. Once he was brought to the shelter they saw he had a tag on him with his owner's contact information. They contacted the owner who then came down to the shelter to claim him. Once they found out they had to pay fees, the owner said I guess he will never have to be on a chain again and walked out on Milo. We could not let poor Milo down after being let down by his owner. Milo is a shy boy who will need some time and understanding that you will not hurt him. We truly believe he has not had the best life and has not been well socialized. If you are willing to give Milo the love, patience, and time for him to come out of his shell, we believe that he will be your best friend!! Give him a chance and apply for him today. If you would like more information on Milo, please contact Shari at

Unless otherwise indicated, all dogs adopted through Fetching Hearts have received the following before being available for adoption:
  • Thorough veterinary examination


  • All routine annual vaccinations, including Rabies, DHLPP, Bordatella (Kennel Cough), Heartworm Test, Fecal Test, Deworming, Microchip, Flea and Tick Prevention and Heartworm Prevention.

All dogs are quarantined for two weeks outside of the shelter (puppies four weeks) to ensure they don't break with disease.

Vetting Note:
Fetching Hearts Rescue completely vets our dogs thoroughly to the best of our knowledge based on communication with our Southern Vets. If anything is brought to our attention, we treat the dog. After adopting the dog, you will be responsible for following up with all vetting going forward.

Heartworm Note:

Dogs who were treated for Heartworm can test positive up to 4-6 months after last treatment. All dogs are immediately put on Heartguard/Ivermectin following the treatment to kill the Heartworm larvae. All dogs should be re-tested after 5-6 months from the last Heartworm treatment.

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