Susan Daley


Screening Coordinator/Director

I have loved animals since I was a small child.  My grandmother was a huge advocate for dogs and was always rescuing something (dog or wild animal) before rescue was even an organized thing. I witnessed a lot of rehabilitation of animals and their resilience was so inspiring to me as a child. As an adult, I have always had at least one dog and I fostered dogs when my children were young to instill that same sense of empathy, responsibility, and a strong love for animals in both of my kids. We currently have 3 dogs at home, so I no longer foster but I have found other ways to help Fetching Hearts. I am currently screening applications, but I really like to show up at the transports and assist there, too. It’s pretty magical to see an application through to adoption - to meet the dog and their new family and watch them go off to start a new journey together. There’s not much that I won’t do for a dog (or animal) in need and I love working with the team at Fetching Hearts and their mission.