Fiona Brown

Puller / Director

Fiona is a lifelong animal lover, she became involved with dog rescue in 2013. Like so many people, she hesitated to start fostering, because she was afraid she would become too attached. It was a FB post that read "I would rather cry watching a dog go to it's new loving family rather than cry thinking a dog died alone and unloved because I did nothing" that finally inspired me to get involved.


Fiona is now pulling dogs to safety and is a director on the board of members. She still continues to be a loving foster mom as well. Fiona is just a huge asset and filled with knowledge in the rescue world.



P.O. Box 1222
Bristol, CT 06011-1222


Fetching Hearts Rescue is not only committed to saving the lives of homeless dogs through foster and adoption but also promoting education of responsible pet ownership. Through education we hope to target the root of the problem and be part of the solution and a brighter future.

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