Amy Renaud



I was always a cat person until I got Lexi. She was a super tiny boxer, walking on her wrists, malnourished and so super sweet. I fell in love. I didn't know much about dogs so Lexi and I grew together.  At only 8 years old, Halloween 2014, she was rushed to the hospital with a burst spleen and the diagnosis... cancer. It was not a fight we would win but we gave it all we had while maintaining quality of life. They gave her 30-60 days. She gave me 6 months, and some of the best days together ever. After losing her I was hesitant to get another dog. 

I discovered fostering through a friend in 2015. I found out quickly how much more there was to learn.  It was hard at first to let them go, even after just a week. I got over that partly because I was excited to see who I would get to hang out with next. :)

Then came Hershel. I was there the day he got adopted and then I was there the day he got returned to the rescue three months later. It was fate and we've been together ever since.  Eventually Hershel and I were able to foster again and have had some fun times doing it. We don't do as much anymore. For now I settle on my web design skills as a contribution, but you never know.